SAP NetWeaver is a platform for many SAP applications. It’s the basis for customized solutions and connecting various applications and systems on just one platform. To have business applications communicate and integrate successfully Vigour ICT Consulting develops SAP NetWeaver based software. Thanks to the easy integration solutions within this platform new operational processes can be implemented quickly and existing applications can be optimized. This gives a considerable scope for designing and building new, innovative applications.SAP NetWeaverVigour ICT consultants manage all aspects of SAP NetWeaver. We know the platform as no other and are able to offer you the right IT solutions. We also listen to the needs of your organization and look at different possible solutions for your specific business situation, which we will discuss with your thoroughly. We develop customized solutions in ABAP and built applications based on Web Dynpro or Floor Plan Manager. Within the SAP NetWeaver platform Vigour ICT Consulting supports the following products:• SAP ECC/ ERP
• SAP Mobile/ Gateway
• SAP MDMRead more about our products:

Customized solutions by experiences ICT consultantsYou can count on an experienced ICT team of consultants. Vigour ICT Consulting has been proven a trusted IT partner, both nationally and internationally. The continuous changes in business processes make streamlining and monitoring these processes of the utmost importance. We are the experts you are looking for! We think in solutions and bring years of experience and knowledge to the table, and we offer cost-effective support. Our broad deployment and knowledge make us able to advise you about the best solutions for your business or organization. We always take the issues of cost into account. You will be able to conduct your business carefree and cost-effective.