About Vigour

Vigour ICT Consulting has been offering innovative, cost-effective IT Solutions in the field of SAP since 2001. We support and advise our customers on building, designing, and integrating appropriate SAP Systems in their organization. Business processes are continuously subject to change. The ongoing innovations within business processes make it essential that your operational systems continue to function properly. A malfunctioning system can be very costly. Vigour ICT Consultants are aware of the risks and dispose of the right qualifications to align all operational processes.

Vigour ICT Consulting: internationally deployable

The customers of Vigour ICT Consulting are located all over the world. We mainly focus on offering suitable IT Solutions for the Healthcare, Telecommunications, Energy, Food, Automotive, and Medical sectors.
Companies in these branches are often operating in the international arena. This means that our Consultants work on different locations worldwide to achieve the best possible IT Solution for every company. Wide and in-depth knowledge are of essential importance. Our Consultants are well-informed of the most recent SAP developments and can be deployed multidisciplinary. They will respond to the customers’ needs and prefer to work with standard SAP Solutions above customized solutions

The best ICT Solutions for your company

You will get sound and high-quality advice thanks to many years of extensive experience and expertise. Our Consultants are always up-to-date with the latest developments. The combination of broad knowledge, experience and a flexible work attitude make Vigour ICT Consulting a very reliable IT Partner.

Why choose Vigour ICT Consulting?

  • High-quality expertise; deployable in all sectors
  • Flexible; no nine-to-five mentality
  • Always well-informed on the latest updates and trend in the field of SAP
  • Focus on customer and solutions