Linking systems should be based on a sound understanding of your organization. This is also true for the way contacts between different clients and suppliers are maintained. Many companies have implemented other systems besides SAP to support their operational processes. It is very important that the communication between all these systems and external parties is carried out seamlessly. Vigour ICT Consulting will supervise this process for you.Integration of SAP with your software systemsVigour ICT Consultants are often deployed as part of the implementation team for SAP environments. Our consultants collaborate with you and your partners to gain insight in the processes in order to choose the most efficient (technical) solution. Such a solution should simplify, and automate the process, and make it manageable. Our consultants often take care of these combined systems. They use the following SAP Integration Products fort his task:

Besides the development of new interfaces – A2A (Application to Application) as well as B2B (Business to Business) – our Vigour ICT Consulting team can help you maintain, optimize, manage or improve existing interfaces. Our consultants have extensive experience with management environments, roll-outs of new projects; they can even set-up a complete new integration platform. What can Vigour ICT Consulting do for your organization?Vigour ICT consultants have years of experience with the implementation complete new SAP environments. Besides system implementation Vigour ICT Consulting offers innovative IT Solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver platform. Vigour ICT Consulting builds and designs tailored IT solutions and maintains existing SAP environments. You will get sound and high-quality advice thanks to many years of extensive experience and expertise. Our consultants are always up-to-date with the latest developments. The combination of broad knowledge, experience and a flexible work attitude make Vigour ICT Consulting a very reliable IT Partner.